Brian M. Brian M., Miami, Florida

I remotely tuned in to DAH meditations last 7/7 and 7/9. Since you are 12 hours ahead of us, the start time is 6:00 AM EDT which is about a half hour before I get up in the morning. I am able to perceive full body energy vibrations/pulsations while observing. It is very similar to past experiences of healing that I have received from my ancestors although not as intense. ...It's a great way to start the day. Yay!

Sheila B. Sheila B., Manila, Philippines

To God be the Glory!!! Php1.7M hospital bill paid and cleared!...Endless and ever-growing prosperity, wealth, riches and abundance for all of us! And I claim it all of Humanity and all of mankind! Everyone enjoying the full measure of God's providence! Everyone's a beneficiary of God's Grace!

"All things are possible. Miracles are normal." - Amanoh Rajakka


Spiritual Accelerator, Intuitive Counselor

A befitting spiritual name for a spiritual counselor. His name means 'vastness of emptiness.' The theme of his life has consistently been of healing and spirituality. For over 30 years, he has been one of Manila's most trusted intuitive counselors. He now gives the world a modality that connects you to your ever-expanding Divinity and accelerates your evolution as a manifestor ready for the 5th Dimension.

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DAH Rocks!!! - Cristina E., Manila, Philippines

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