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  • q-iconWhat happens now that we have been activated/attuned?

    It takes 21 days for a habit to crystallize into your physical body. We recommend that you use the Divine Alchemy Healing mantra everyday for your personals petitions and aspirations. You can even do it for Country Healing, Planetary Healing, Universal Healing and even Ancestral Healing.

  • q-iconHow do I know if it works?

    It takes awareness to know that it works. It will work as far as your faith and belief will allow it. That said, we encourage you to have faith, trust and confidence in Supreme God and the Divine Hierarchy that your petition is being worked out. The question is: Are you allowing it to manifest?

  • q-iconDo I have to get an attunement every time?

    That is up to you. Each succeeding attunement is an upgrade for your spiritual faculties, manifestation power and connection with Divinity. If the Universe is continuously expanding, so should you. You will have to ask yourself how badly do you want to manifest like a master.

  • q-iconAm I really doing the healing?

    You have to remember that you are the holder of the Divine Space. It is the Divine Hierarchy that does the healing.

  • q-iconI think I said the mantras wrong. What do you do?

    There is no need to worry. Just relax. Take a breath and you can start over.

  • q-iconDo I need to ask permission to heal?

    You can do this without their permission because there is a sacred symbol within Divine Alchemy Healing that will allow you to hold the space for their healing up to the level that their soul will allow. In some countries, permission will be required especially if you’re laying your hands on the healee/client.  You can do radiant healing if they don’t like being touched.

  • q-iconWhat happens if the healee/client's soul doesn't allow the healing?

    There is nothing to worry. The energy will just disperse out into the Universe. Divine Alchemy Healing has an internal protocol that will heal only up to how far the soul will allow.

  • q-iconDo you have to heal someone? Can't I just use DAH for my personal concerns?

    It is not required that you heal someone but you gain karmic merit whenever you do healing for others. Also, when you open and hold the space for Divine Alchemy Healing, there are two healing pillars formed: One for the healer and another for the healee/client.

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